My Favourite Holidaies

Holidays! Holidays! Holidays who do not wait for them? Holidays are the most awaited part for kids and for every age people to relax themselves and explore the surrounding world. Holidays give us a break from our routine life and help us refresh ourselves. This is the time where everyone spends their quality days with their loved ones doing whatever they wish to do with no limitations. Some people who live in metropolitan cities during holidays have in mind to watch movies and series or hanging out with friends or just surfing the Internet. Holidays are not only signified for enjoyment but also for pursuing our hobbies and interests. To be precise during holidays, we can live our lives as we want. When I hear the word holidays, the things which run in my mind are getting up late in the morning, no school and no homework. 

Now let me narrate you the favourite summer holiday in my school days. I was studying 8th grade got my summer vacation and my family decided to go for a summer trip and that too an international country Dubai. Which is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. I was apprehensive because first time I am going to travel by aeroplane, yet very excited to visit a new place which so far away from India. This trip would be my whole days of my summer vacation. I was ecstatic to see the city. The journey to Dubai began on the next day of my summer vacation. As I sat in the aeroplane waiting impatiently to reach there. The journey is about 3 hours, completed all the procedures in the Dubai airport as I entered the city, many thoughts about where to go and what to do swarmed past my mind. First, we went to the hotel where we are going to stay and check in there, refreshed ourselves. Around me was a new city, a place to discover scenery and entertainment. The city was completely modern, and the skyscrapers gave it a modern look to the city. 

On my first day of the trip, we visited the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. This build also holds on an impressive record that it is the tallest freestanding structure. The structure is in the shape of a cone made up of steel and glass. The place was fantabulous. After that we visited the Arabian Desert where we embarked with desert safari, camels and unique entertainment.  The next day, we visited the Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest manmade island. From the name it shows the island looks like a palm, this island is home to hundreds of a lavish and epicurean homes and celebrities even have their home too.

To add more on my summer vacation me, my mom and my sister we went to the biggest mall in the Middle East, Emirates Mall. It is the gigantic shopping mall I bought some chocolates, teddy bears, Barbie doll and some clothes In addition, I bought some gifts to my friends. One of the most things which I like very much is shopping because in Dubai it is completely tax free. As for food, Dubai provides a variety of food from over two hundred countries worldwide. Arabic food which I felt was the best, and I loved it too. We also visited beaches there offered a perfect place to relax ,an immense sense of joy and fill us with new energy and rejuvenate. Like this we visited many places in Dubai like restaurants, shopping mall totally enjoyed with the new atmosphere that lively breeze that fills one’s soul and heart with ecstasy.

The days moved fast and my summer vacation came to an end. We came back to India after spending my complete summer vacation in Dubai, the memory of this trip is fresh in my head. This is one of the best holidays I have ever gone on. I saw so many beautiful places and spent a lot of time with my loving family. This holiday was indeed the best so far.